We believe in growing our business sustainably and managing our resources carefully, aiming to maximise efficiency whilst reducing our environmental impact. We want to create added value for our stakeholders and the communities where we operate, in the short, medium and long term.

The event in which Coca-Cola HBC Romania announce the results of the  "Socio-Economic Impact of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania" study |Evenimentul in care Coca-Cola anunta rezultatele studiului „Impactul socio-economic al Sistemului Coca-Cola în România”
Launch event - The Socio-Economic Impact of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania Study

Creating value

As a leader of the soft drinks industry in Romania, we have been involved in the local socio-economic development for over 25 years. The business model that we promote here is based on increasing value added in the economy and society, having a multiplier effect in the real economy. The Socio-Economic Impact Study of Coca‑Cola System in Romania presents relevant information and conclusions for Romania's economy. The study shows how we create value, contribute to the local economy through the taxes we pay, the jobs we create, directly and throughout the entire value chain.

From the procurement of raw materials from local farmers and equipment from our local suppliers, to the operations of our plants, from the collaboration with distributors and the final points of sale, to the marketing and communication services, the Coca‑Cola System stimulates economic activity throughout its entire value chain.

We are an important contributor to the Romanian budget, through the taxes we pay directly and the ones paid by businesses in our value chain.

We have a strong, positive impact on employment, supporting an important number of local jobs throughout our entire value chain.

Sharing value

We create shared value with the communities where we operate, thus holding our commitment of growing stronger together. Sourcing locally as much as possible (over 90% of our suppliers are local) is one of the ways we contribute to the growth of the local economy and at the same time, a means to protect the environment by reducing transportation impact.


Wooden path in a forest in the Land of Dornas, Romania | Carare din lemne intr-o padure din Tara Dornelor

Sustainable development is what defines our business model. Our sustainability report, as well as the constant recognition we receive from independent organisations, stand as proof. Every year, we develop relevant programs to support the growth of the communities we operate in, targeting 3 strategic directions: water and environmental protection, youth empowerment, community development.

Find out more about our socio-economic impact in Romania by reading the brochure below