Our history in Romania is an exciting journey that began over 25 years ago. With every year, we have come closer to the hearts of consumers and have grown deeper roots into the local community.

We began our operations in Romania in 1991. In time, we have extended our portfolio by adding new brands and flavors, as well as our production means. We operate based on a proprietary system that includes the production and distribution of a variety of beverages, bottled in the three plants we own in Ploiesti, Timisoara and Poiana Negrii. Constant innovation and effort to meet the highest standards drive our success.


Fanta Bottles | Sticle Fanta

1991 –  We bottled locally the first Coca‑Cola beverage.

1993 – Fanta entered our brand portfolio.

1995 – We opened our plants in Ploiesti and Timisoara. We added Cappy to our portfolio.

2002 – We opened our plant in Poiana Negrii, thus beginning to produce and bottle mineral waters: Dorna, Izvorul Alb, Poiana Negri. Our brand portfolio extended as we added Schweppes.

Nestea bottles in the production process | Sticle Nestea in procesul de productie

2005 – We diversified our portfolio of still beverages with a new category - ice tea – and started to produce the Nestea brand.

2009 - We invested €22 million and installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, at our bottling facility in Ploiesti, as part of an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Cappy production line | Linie de productie Cappy

2013 – We launched a new aseptic bottling line for Cappy Pulpy in Ploiesti, the largest production unit owned by Coca‑Cola HBC in South-Eastern Europe. We invested EUR 22 million in this new line.

2013 – We came up with another innovation and brought to the market Nestea tea extract with Stevia sweetener – a fresh and delicious combination with 30% less sugar.

Dorna Plant Bottle Product | Dorna in ambalaj realizat în proporție de până la 30% din plante

2013 – Our plant in Ploiesti was among the first plants in the world certified by European Water Stewardship with a Gold Medal - a milestone achievement for all companies which aim to minimize environmental impact.

2014 - Our other two plants, in Timisoara and Poiana Negrii, received the European Water Stewardship Gold Medal. Also, a great year to implement innovation: we introduced plant bottle - a new package for our mineral water, made from up to 30% plant-based material and 100% recyclable.

After Us, our sustainability platform launch event | Evenimentul de lansare al platformei noastre de sustenabilitate Dupa Noi
Launch event of After Us platform

2016 – We launched Coca‑Cola Lime, a local innovation created to suit the taste of our local consumers.

2016 – We launched After Us, the concept that defines us as a sustainable business and integrates our CSR initiatives but also initiatives of the community.

Coca-Cola HBC Romania employees making a selfie together |Angajati Coca-Cola HBC Romania facand o fotografie impreuna

2016 – Coca‑Cola HBC Romania is recognized, for two years in a row, most wanted employer in FMCG. It also ranks among the top 10 most wanted employers in Romania, according to a Catalyst survey.

2016 – We are recognised as the most responsible company in Romania, as shown by Romania CSR Index analysis.

After Us Bigar waterfall | Cascada Bigar

2017 - We inaugurated our most recent project under the After Us platform – the eco-touristic rehabilitation of the Bigar waterfall.

2017 – We inaugurated our investment of EUR 7 million in our Timisoara plant: a high-speed can line with a maximum production capacity of 90,000 cans/hour.

Landscape from the Land of Dornas | Peisaj din Tara Dornelor

2017 – Coca‑Cola HBC Romania is ranked number 1 as most desired employer in the FMCG field and confirmed among the top 10 most desired employers in Romania, by Catalyst survey.

2017 – We are, for the second year in a row, recognized as the most responsible company in Romania, according to Romania CSR Index analysis.

Coffee cup branded with Lavazza brand logo | Ceasca de cafea imprimata cu logo-ul brandului Lavazza

2017 – We entered a new category, coffee, and extended our portfolio with a new brand: Lavazza - the quality symbol for coffee in over 90 markets. As of October 15th, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania became the sole authorised distribution partner for Lavazza products on the local market, following a partnership agreement with Luigi Lavazza S.P.A.