Strategic priorities

Our four strategic priorities reflect our ambition to strengthen our leading position on the market while playing an active, relevant role in the community.

Young woman planting a tree | Tanara plantand un copac

Community trust: building trust within our communities

We believe that our business can only be as healthy and strong as the communities in which we operate. In the long run, healthy, sustainable businesses require thriving communities. We express this belief through every innovative solution we have that has a positive impact, for the present, as well as for the future. Our commitment to conduct a responsible, trustworthy business is reflected in our sustainability reports and also in the flagship CSR platform, After Us.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with shareholders, customers, consumers, employees, institutions and business partners. We build trust through responsible, sustainable management of our business, working to develop high quality beverages, to ensure a safe workplace and to be a generator of growth for the community.

We at Coca Cola HBC Romania integrate sustainability into all of our business processes and decisions, following 3 strategic pillars: water and environmental protection, youth empowerment and community development.

We have also consistently set ambitious long-term targets and reported against them, holding ourselves accountable to delivering on our commitments.

Cappy bottles in the production process | Sticle Cappy in procesul de productie
Cappy bottling line in Ploiesti

Consumer relevance: offering our consumers the right products for all occasions

To us, consumer relevance means meeting and exceeding consumer expectations by offering the right products, in the right packs, through the right channels for the right occasion.

At Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, we like to innovate in every aspect of our work, including the technology we use to produce and bottle our beverages.

The aseptic bottling line in our Ploiesti plant, especially developed for Cappy Pulpy, was one of our exceptional innovations. We brought unique bottling technology to Romania that allowed juice and fruit pulp to be introduced simultaneously in the bottle.

As a result, Cappy Pulpy gives consumers a truly original and refreshing taste experience, thanks to the preservation of the characteristics of the fruit pulp. In 2017, we launched the can bottling line on our Timisoara plant, which is the fastest beverage bottling line in Romania.

We recognize the uniqueness of every consumer, taste and lifestyle. This is why we continue to expand our brand portfolio and offer an even wider variety of choices. Coca‑Cola Lime, for example, was born in Romania and is just one of the many innovations that help us meet the diverse expectations of our consumers.

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Two young men in a shop, next to drinks display | Doi tineri in magazin, langa un stand de bauturi

Customer preference: delivering the products and services our customers expect

Building successful partnerships with our customers is fundamental to our success. We work hard to ensure our people are constantly focused on customer needs and satisfaction. We aim to exceed expectations in terms of delivery and execution. Operational excellence is one of the things that we are proud to deliver.


At Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, we have set an ambitious goal: to be the partner all our customers prefer. This means we work hard to meet the needs and standards of over 70,000 shops, restaurants, supermarkets, discount shops and other locations selling our drinks.

For five years in a row, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania was recognized as Best Supplier in the FMCG industry by Piata Magazine.

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Employee in Coca-Cola HBC Romania plant | Angajat intr-o fabrica a Coca-Cola HBC Romania

Cost leadership: focusing on a cost efficiency mindset

Within Coca‑Cola HBC Group, cost effective management is an essential part of our long term strategy. It helps us preserve our leadership position in the industry as well as the sustainable growth of our company. In addition to managing the cost structure of the business, we continued to improve our ability to use natural resources efficiently.

We have taken additional steps to ensure that we achieve our long-term targets to reduce water and energy consumption, and contribute to the achievement of global goals regarding climate and clean water.

We want our operations in Romania to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. To this purpose, we analyze and optimize everything we do – from our manufacturing cost base and logistics footprint to our operating expenses and processes.

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