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We offer enjoyment and diversity through a world-class portfolio, including Coca-Cola, the best-known and biggest-selling soft drink in history.


Portfolio overview

In Romania, we are the largest company in the beverages industry and second largest in FMCG. We produce, sell and distribute a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks of the highest quality - including Coca‑Cola, the best-known and biggest-selling soft drink in history, Fanta and Sprite, but also juices, mineral water, tea, energy drinks and coffee, in an increasingly wide range of packages.


Our commitments

The Coca‑Cola Company announced a series of commitments in 2013, which the Coca‑Cola system – of which Coca‑Cola HBC is a part – aims to achieve by 2020.


Package innovation

Consistent with our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, we launched innovative packaging for our Dorna products: Plant Bottle – made up to 30% out of plants.


Product innovation

Launched in 2016, Coca‑Cola Lime is a local success: designed for the Romanian market, produced in our Ploiesti plant, greatly appreciated by local consumers and now available in other countries, too.

Case Study

CSR innovation

With the first episode of After Us, the platform integrating our CSR initiatives and the programs of the community, we set out to tell impressive, powerful, relevant stories - starting with a beautiful and authentic area in Romania, a place where traditions are still alive - the Land of Dornas.

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