Still drinks

We offer a wide range of non-carbonated beverages, from juices and soft drinks with tea extract to ready-to drink coffee.

Cappy production line | Linie de productie Cappy

In recent years we have enriched the still drinks category with new products, designed to offer consumers the right beverage for the right moment: one that provides them with vitamins, nutrition and the liquid’s that’s necessary to maintain good levels of hydration or energy throughout the day. 

Our still drinks portfolio includes Cappy Pulpy, while also offering Nectar & Juices propositions.


Under the Cappy brand, we produce a range of fruit-based drinks which can be categorized as:

  • juices and fruit nectars from concentrates
  • juices with pulp and / or pieces of fruit

Since 2012, we launched Cappy Pulpy with pieces of fruits, a product well received by consumers. In 2015 Cappy Pulpy Peach was elected Product of the Year in the category of non-carbonated soft drinks and in 2016, Cappy Pulpy Sour Cherry was recognised as Best New Product by Piata Awards.



Ice teas

Ice teas are a refreshing option in our non-carbonated drinks category. In 2018 we launched FUZETEA - a premium alternative in our ready-to-drink tea category.

FUZETEA is a unique fusion of tea extracts, fruit flavors, herbs and other ingredients blended together to deliver a fresh and contemporary taste of tea. FUZETEA is appreciated in over 50 countries and has had a rapid growth since its launch in 2012. In Romania, we offer local consumers 5 different variants of the beverage.

Illi issimo cappucino cans | Doze Illi issimo cappucino

Ready to drink coffee

Our range of premium ready-to-drink coffees are the choice of consumers who love coffee and lead a dynamic lifestyle. We launched the first iced coffee products in Romania in 2007. The illy branded Ready-to-Drink coffees are exclusive to the Coca‑Cola System.

Illy is available in three ready-to-drink coffee choices: Illy Caffè, Illy Cappuccino and Illy Latte Macchiato.