NESTEA is a combination of carefully selected tea with delicious fruit flavours.

Served cold, NESTEA ready-to-drink tea offers a refreshing feeling. The story of NESTEA started in 1956 in the United States when instant tea was developed for home preparation known as “iced tea”. NESTEA contains no preservatives and beginning with 2013, it is sweetened with a mix of sugar and stevia – an innovative natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant – which results in the reducing of sugar content by 30%.

It is available in a variety of flavours: Nestea Lemon, Nestea Peach, Nestea Forest Fruits, Nestea Green Tea Strawberry & Aloe Vera, Nestea Mango Pineapple.


Nestea Lemon Bottle | Sticla Nestea Lemon


  • 250 ML RGB
  • 500 ML PET
  • 1,5 L PET