Constant innovation is our ally in preserving our leading position on the market.

As industry leaders, we strive to perform to the highest standards, leading innovation at every level of our activity. From the recipes we create, to the technology we use to produce and bottle our beverages, to the way we communicate about our brands and products, innovation is what has brought us success and recognition.

Dorna Plant Bottle Product | Dorna in ambalaj realizat în proporție de până la 30% din plante

Package innovation

Plant Bottle

Consistent with our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, in July 2014, we launched innovative packaging for our Dorna products: Plant Bottle – made up to 30% out of plants.

While classic PET packaging is made from fossil fuels such as oil, the new Plant Bottle package significantly reduces carbon emissions released into the atmosphere during the production process. The new packaging preserves all the qualities of the PET but replaces one of its components with a herbal component, namely sugar cane. The sugar cane used is a recognized resource for its unique environmental performance and its impact on society.


Coca-Cola Bracelet Campaign | Campania Coca-Cola Bracelet

Coca‑Cola Bracelet

One of our most powerful promotional campaigns in 2017 was built around a packaging innovation, developed and implemented for the first time in Romania. Since access bracelets to summer festivals have become a fashionable accessory and an occasion to remember great experiences, we decided to integrate 8 types of bracelets into the labels of Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Zero and Coca‑Cola Lime.

The bracelets offered consumers the opportunity to participate in the campaign and win one of the many prizes, among which, tickets to the coolest summer festivals and meet-ups with the artists of the moment. Thus, through package innovation, we turned the Coca‑Cola Bracelet into the ticket to the most exciting summer experiences.


Product innovation

With a growing focus on their sugar and calorie intake, our consumers have set standards we strive to meet through innovative recipes. Thus, over the years, we have expanded our range of reduced sugar and calorie products in our portfolio.

Nestea has been reformulated, so that sugar content has been reduced by 30% and replaced with natural sweetener stevia - a plant-based extract that has zero calories.

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar is a top choice for consumers aiming to reduce their sugar and calorie intake, while still enjoying the irreplaceable Coca‑Cola feeling.

Coca-Cola Lime bottle | Sticla Coca-Cola Lime

We have also appealed to innovative recipes to respond to local preferences and consumption trends. As a result of our local team’s work, Coca‑Cola Lime was launched in October 2016. It is locally produced and bottled and is greatly appreciated by Romanian consumers. Though it was created to be a local brand, Coca‑Cola Lime is now available in other countries, too.

Community Crafting in After Us Project | Obiecte artizanale romanesti
Crafting in the Land of Dornas

CSR innovation

With the first episode of After Us, the platform integrating our CSR initiatives and the programs of the community, we set out to impressive, stories from a beautiful and authentic area in Romania, a place where traditions are still alive - the Land of Dornas. This way, we aimed to support the community and inspire people to preserve the area’s natural beauty and its resources.

With After Us we feel we have debuted a fresh take on CSR communication: “sustainability with soul”. A message that is designed not just for impact, but, through using emotion and narrative, for engagement as well. The contrast between the cultures involved in the campaign also presented the opportunity for an innovative mix of new media and technology with classical content.


Community traditions in Aftre Us Project | Razboi de tesut

During the campaign, we showed the villagers in the Land of Dornas how a simple Facebook account can connect them with the entire world. Or how they could expose their work online for commercial purpose, to keep the tradition going. This unique combination of traditional culture, classical media and online approaches created a distinctive aspect to “After Us”, making it a one of a kind CSR initiative, winner of important recognition in Romanian PR Awards 2016.