At Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, you will develop your career while doing what you love, in a team committed to deliver excellence.

Part of Coca-Cola HBC Romania Team | O parte din echipa Coca-Cola HBC Romania

We are the leading beverage company on the market, with performance in our DNA. We believe in doing the right thing at every level of our business, with responsibility, courage and excellence in execution. Our success relies on our team. So do our 22 million consumers across Romania. So, we are committed to recruiting talented and passionate people and to fully supporting their development.

Developing our people

We believe we can only grow together with our team, therefore our investment in the professional development of each member is part of our long-term business strategy. It’s how we ensure that our team achieves outstanding performance and has a key contribution to strengthening our business.

Part of Coca-Cola HBC Romania Team | O parte din echipa Coca-Cola HBC Romania

We focus on the development of local leaders, by providing specialised training programs for our employees to achieve essential leadership skills. All of our employees have gone through a training program in 2015, a year when we managed to increase the average training hours per employee by 17%, reaching an average of 28 hours / employee.


Recognising performance

It is in our team’s nature to show appreciation to the colleagues who inspire us and to highlight their achievements. For this reason, we have developed a series of internal awards we call Recognition @ Coke. In 2015, 106 of our employees received the Recognition @ Coke award.

Health, safety and well being

We aim to provide employees with a safe workplace and to develop a culture of workplace safety. To do so, we are implementing the internationally recognised safety management system OHSAS 18001, and are working towards full certification.

At each of our sites, safety committees include both management and employees. To address specific safety risks, we develop targeted training programs. For example, our Safe and Eco-Driving program is helping us to reduce accidents among our fleet.

Our safety performance is reported in our Sustainability Report.

Work from home and flexible hours

We support our employees to achieve balance between work and personal life. Coca‑Cola HBC Romania was among the first companies to take real actions to that end. In our company, we give our employees the chance to work one business day per week from home, if the nature of their work allows it. In addition, our Flexible Working Hours program allows employees to begin and finish their work day at different hours than the standard schedule implies. 368 employees benefited from these initiatives in 2015.