Why work with us?

The answer’s simple. Do what you love and love what you do.

We, the people of Coca-Cola HBC, are the secret ingredient of our company’s success. We’re a family of 30,000 engaged people, an empowered and talented team that drives superior results and has an impact every day. Join the team that will inspire you to succeed, grow and make a difference.

Above all, we place the highest value in nurturing our people, creating a wide range of opportunities for them to develop, be curious and learn, reaching their full potential. For us people always come first. Zoran Bogdanovic, Coca‑Cola HBC CEO
I’m very proud that Coca‑Cola HBC Romania is considered the “diamond team” in the Coca‑Cola system. We won two of the most prestigious titles that an operational team could win at the Group level, Best Bottler Commercial Execution and Best Operation in Coca‑Cola Hellenic. Jovan Radosavljevic, General Manager Romania

Lead with impact

We are a high performing team that delivers remarkable results. We provide refreshment to millions of consumers who enjoy our wide portfolio of beverage brands, but we are strongly focused on our sustainability commitments – bringing a positive difference to the local communities we serve, ensure that we are a community worth being part of.

We are proud that corporate responsibility and sustainability represent the core of our operations in Romania and all over the world. Our commitment is to encourage the whole value chain created by Coca-Cola HBC Romania’s operations and support the communities where we are present to become more and more responsible and focus on their impact on the external environment. We must understand that the discussion around this topic is not only about the environment, but also about the effects of all our actions. Ultimately, sustainability represents the care for what we leave after us. And we do our best to create a better world for the next generations.

Irina Ionescu Public Affairs & Communication Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Romania
invested in community programmes and initiatives in 2017 only

employee hours volunteered during work-time in 2017

Win and learn together

You’ll feel that togetherness and the people we work with are very important to us. Our shared sense of purpose is reflected in our team spirit, dedication and passion. Every win is ours, not per individual. And the talented people around us are our inspiration for growth.

We are an ambitious family who supports its members – each victory is ours and it is due to all of our 1500 colleagues. We are proud of our team’s success, of our sustainability and diversity commitments and of the support we offer to the communities we live and work in.

Mihaela Ionita HR Manager Romania
Highly engaged employees

Employees say colleagues are willing to help each other, even outside usual activities

Accelerate your personal development

We believe that our company’s development is strongly connected to the development of our people. Tailored development programs for each segment and level in the organization will give you many opportunities for your unparalleled personal growth experience. Supportive leadership will encourage you to take full ownership of your work and will help you design the most fitting career path.

Working at CCHBC is not a sprint, it’s a marathon filled with unique challenges that help you finish as a winner in every occasion. The dynamic work environment and being the undisputed beverage leader makes working for CCHBC an amazing experience and a solid incentive to learn constantly and excel in your field.

Mihaita Olar Plant Engineer
People in talent acceleration programs in last 3 years

of leaders roles filled by internal talent

Quench your thirst for growth

We’re part of a high-performing culture, where we believe that we can learn each day and be better than the day before. We recognize and celebrate people who are forward-thinking, results-driven, passionate and who never stop looking for ways to improve. We learn from every experience and grow from it.

If you want to take advantage of the incredible development opportunities here, be prepared to adapt, to change yourself. If you remain agile and willing to change your mindset, you will do well here. Our business model is too complex for anyone to remain stagnant. Trust me, you won’t be able to stick in the same role for many years because you will have a thirst for new experiences.

Virgil Dumitru Route to Market Manager
of employees say we take ownership of our own learning

of customers report that we met or exceeded their expectations

Meet our recruiters

Our people

Now I’m focusing on recruitment projects for the Commercial team.

Andreea Lazar Talent Acquisition&Identification Expert
Andreea Lazăr
Our people

Having interviews, getting to know people and their capabilities gives me an unique feeling.

Karina Sișu Talent Acquisition&Identification Specialist
Karina Sișu
Our people

I’m always ready for new challenges and I trust that the best skill of a candidate is his potential.

Emilia Zavalas Talent Acquisition&Identification Expert
Emilia Zavalas
Our people

Currently I focus on recruitment for Commercial and Supply Chain.

Nicoleta Crînguș Talent Acquisition&Identification Specialist
Nicoleta Crînguș

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If you’re looking for a career that will bring out the best in you and will allow you to observe the impact of your work in short-term, then look no further.

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