'After Us, It's On Us to Collect' is the project that motivated us, this summer, to collect selectively. Now that fall is here, it's time to collect the rewards: the 16th edition of the Romanian PR Award Gala has brought us the biggest prize in the "Communication of environmental projects" category. We thank the approximately 615,000 people who have interacted with our campaign's messages and the separate collection solutions offered by our project. We also give thanks to our partners, GreenPoint, who have helped us implement these solutions.

The Photo-Collector

Our sustainability platform, After Us, launched three years ago, is expanding: in the summer of 2018 we launched After Us, It's On Us to collect, a new project through which we have encouraged participants at summer music festivals and events to collect waste selectively, with the solutions offered by Coca‑Cola HBC Romania: Ecoinsula - an integrated solution for all types of recyclable waste (glass, plastic / PET, paper, aluminum, biodegradable waste); the plastic / PET collection points - for the most common type of recyclable waste used for drinks served at festivals; the Photo-collector - a photo cabin that collects glass, plastic and paper and rewards you with a picture on the spot.