Bucharest, October 11th: Coca‑Cola HBC Romania announces the launch of its first Sustainability Report. The Report is the first one in the local FMCG industry to observe international requirements for reporting Corporate Social Responsibility (Global Reporting Initiative).

 The Report contains the results for the year 2011 and it follows the seven strategic CSR directions of Coca‑Cola HBC Romania: community involvement, packaging and recycling, water stewardship, energy and climate change, consumer health, employee development and supplier engagement.

Regarding actions in the community, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania reported: 500 km of riverbed cleaned, 2.000m3 of waste collected, 45.000 trees planted, 10.000 volunteers, 500.000 children involved in projects, 200.000 hours of training for local communities, 1.200.000 litres of water and beverages donated. According to the Report, the company saved, from 2008 to 2011, 5.000 tonnes of PET through the introduction of lighter packaging; it recycled on average 74% of the packaging from the bottling plants and 56.7% of the packaging in the marketplace and it avoided the emission of over 79 tonnes of CO2, with the aid of several internal programmes. In 2011, 100% of the water used in operations in Coca‑Cola HBC Romania came from the own wells of the company, while the wastewater from the bottling plants in Timisoara and Vatra Dornei was treated 100%.

Among the 500 projects developed up to present – national and local programmes – the following can be mentioned: Green 003, The Green Passport, The Educational Centre Dorna Candreni, The Educational Forest at Tasuleasa Social, Save Arges River, The Volunteer Passport, Danube Day, the advocacy project We have a Delta, what do we do?, the law requiring public institutions to collect waste selectively, The Federation of Intercommunity Development Associations and others.

Additionally, in 2011 Coca‑Cola HBC Romania developed a great number of programs destined for employee development, for collaborating with suppliers and for promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst consumers.

“The Coca‑Cola HBC Romania Sustainability Report represents the highest expression of our efforts to be involved in the development of the communities where we operate. We are proud of the results of our actions and, at the same time, we are proud to be the first company from the local FMCG industry that presents a sustainability report observing international standards. Thus we are assuming, from this moment on, the annual reporting of our CSR actions at the highest performance indicators” - Mugurel Radulescu, Public Affairs and Communication Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania & Moldova.

The report has been realised with the help of the strategic environment consulting company Denkstatt and it observes requirements for reporting level B of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). More information about the strategic directions and results of the initiatives is available at 
Coca‑Cola HBC Romania - Sustainability Report 2011.

About Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, a member of the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group, is the largest company in the non-alcoholic beverages industry in Romania and a franchised bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company. Coca‑Cola HBC Romania bottles a wide variety of products in the Coca‑Cola portfolio, from soft drinks, still drinks, nectars, to teas, mineral water, energy drinks and coffee. Coca‑Cola HBC Romania has its headquarters in Bucharest and owns three bottling plants in the country, located in Ploiesti, Timisoara and Vatra Dornei.

The Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group is one of the largest bottlers of the Coca‑Cola Company products and the largest one in Europe. Coca‑Cola Hellenic operations span 28 countries, serving 560 million people. With its headquarters in Athens, the company is listed on the Athens, New York and London Stock Exchange.