Bucharest, August 9 - Green Bee Project, launched in June 2012 by Coca‑Cola Romania, under the umbrella of Dorna and Mega Image in partnership with the Green Revolution, awards the first 25 winners for participation and accomplishing the project’s tasks.



Green Bee

The project participants are children aged between 6 and 14 years. Starting June 22 to October 22, Green Bee aims to teach the children about the importance of protecting the environment through a science fiction adventure that takes place on Green Bee spaceship built in Parcul Tineretului.

Children enrolled in the project went along with the spaceship crew, captain Raxo Williams and second-in -command Noni, in an imaginary trip into space where they learned valuable information about the atmosphere, air pollution, water and its importance, food, energy and waste. The experience within the spaceship gave the children the opportunity to gain knowledge about ecology and to demonstrate afterwards, in everyday life that they became environmentally friendly.

Submissions were made both on www.green-bee.ro platform and on-site in Parcul Tineretului at the Green Bee ship. Thus, in the period June 22 to August 6, over 1,800 children participated in Green Bee ship missions and have proved to be heroes of ecology and successfully accomplished terrestrial missions.

Participants entered the competition to win a place in the Social Tasuleasa eco camp and, after the random selection held on 7 August, 25 children have won the grand prize and will enjoy six days in Tasuleasa campus, with departure on August 15. The full list of winners will be posted on the project homepage: www.green-bee.ro and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GreenBeeProject.

"Green Bee Project is very attractive for the Dorna brand, whose strategy has as an important component the proximity to nature and the support for environment protection. Our objective for this project, together with our partners at Mega Image and Green Revolution Association, is to help change attitudes towards the environment, encouraging children to behave responsibly since the first years of life. Bee Green is an innovative and interactive concept that explains ecology for children through play and discovery. Congratulations to the participants and especially the winners. We expect other curious children to learn through ingenious games how to be more careful with our planet's resources." said Dana Ichim, Senior Marketing Activation Manager Waters Romania & Moldova.

"Sustainability is one of the three pillars of our Group strategy, a strategy that supports the economic performance of the company and helps us build a sustainable business. We recognize the responsibility we have towards the market, so we are Green Bee Project’s partners, a project that fits our social responsibility strategy, considering the educational activities it offers children and brings us closer to our customers and their children. We are pleased that the project was received enthusiastically by children and we are happy to have the first winners in the eco camp." said Xavier Piesvaux, General Manager Mega Image.

"The involvement and enthusiasm of the children were absolutely stunning. Space travel freed their imagination and helped them see things from a much wider perspective. We managed to make them understand, through games, pictures and stories, that our planet is unique and we need to protect it because the power to do so is in the hands of everyone. There were children who acted immediately after leaving the ship, collecting PET bottles in the park or fulfilling certain missions. This demonstrates that our message was understood and until 22 October we expect more and more children to come to the spaceship to learn what environmental responsibility means." said Raluca Fiser, President of Green Revolution Association

Green Bee

Green Bee

Green Bee


About Coca‑Cola System
In Romania, as in all countries where it operates, Coca‑Cola owns and runs based on proprietary system, including all the links necessary for products production and distribution to consumers. The system consists of Coca‑Cola Romania (subsidiary of The Coca‑Cola Company, trademark owner) and his partner Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, which bottles and distributes Coca‑Cola products in Romania under license from The Coca‑Cola Company. Dorna is one of the leading brands of mineral water in Romania, part of Coca‑Cola Romania portfolio since its acquisition in 2003. Throughout its history, Dorna was marked by bold and unique marketing campaigns exploring, besides the functional attributes of the brand, the emotional side generated by being close to nature. In the future, Dorna wants to be not only a trend-setter in terms of innovation in communication, but also a pioneer of environmental protection.

About Mega Image
Founded in 1995, Mega Image is the largest supermarket chain in Romania with a network of 146 supermarkets in Bucharest, Constanta, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Brasov, Targoviste and other cities, under the brands Mega Image (117) and Shop & Go (29 ). Part of the Delhaize Group's, Mega Image aims to provide, every day, quality services and a nutritious assortment of products, healthy and safe, and also affordable.

About Green Revolution 
Green Revolution is the first urban ecology NGO in Romania focused on implementing measures underlying the building of green cities. Through its projects, the Green Revolution promotes and supports: environmental education and respect next to the environment, selective collection of packaging waste, environmental and economic transport facilities and solutions, adoption of environmentally responsible behavior among authorities, private companies and State, protecting and extending green areas inside and outside cities as well as healthy eco living