Plant profiles

Plant profiles

In Romania we operate 3 plants: in Ploiesti, Timisoara and Poiana Negrii.

Ploiesti Plant

Our plant in Ploiesti, existing since 1995, is the largest plant we operate in Romania and the largest plant Coca-Coca HBC group has in the South-Eastern region. The plant in Ploiesti is a regional export hub. Our most recent investment here, of EUR 22 mill., was directed to the construction of the first aseptic line in the country, launched in October 2013. This line, especially developed for Cappy Pulpy, was one of our exceptional innovations. We brought a unique bottling technology to Romania, that allowed juice and fruit pulp to be introduced simultaneously in the bottle. This way, Cappy Pulpy offers consumers a truly original taste experience, being an intensely refreshing product, due to the preservation of the characteristics of the fruit pulp.

In October 2009, we inaugurated in Ploiesti a high-tech, energy-efficient thermoelectric power plant, as part of an initiative aimed at reducing CO2 emissions level by over 20%.

The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, installed at our bottling facility in Ploiesti, was the second CHP utility to be operational at Coca‑Cola HBC Group.

Powered by natural gas, the CHP plant supplies electrical energy, hot and cold water, and heat to our bottling facility. At the same time, clean electricity is delivered to the local grid, providing energy efficient power for the surrounding community in Ploiesti. 

Another newly introduced feature of the facility in Ploiesti is an intelligent, fully automated, mega High-Bay warehouse which is the first of its kind in Romania. The system takes palletized products from the six production lines via a conveyor and allows for storage and retrieval of stock using eleven automated cranes.

cappy-pulpy-line-in-ploiesti-plant cappy-pulpy-line-in-ploiesti-plant

Cappy Pulpy line in Ploiesti Plant

Timisoara Plant

We have been operating in Timisoara since 1995. At the time, the plant featured 3 production lines, which have all been replaced with new and modern equipment. The plant has multiple bottling lines for carbonated and still products and an aseptic line, specially designed for Nestea beverages.

In June 2017 we inaugurated the most recent investment in Timisoara Plant: a high-speed can line, with a maximum production capacity of 90,000 cans/hour and a daily production capacity if of 2 million cans. It is the fastest beverage bottling line existing currently on the local market and has a high degree of last generation automation. The new can line in Timisoara is also the most energy efficient line within the plant (410 kW/h) and the line with the smallest consumption of water per litter of produced beverage (1.1L).

In 2014, the Timisoara plant received the European Water Stewardship Gold Medal, a certification which proofs our commitment to applying a transparent, correct water stewardship policy and shows that Coca‑Cola HBC Romania’s operations and procedures are just and sustainable.


high speed can line in Timisoara Plant high speed can line in Timisoara Plant

High speed can line in Timisoara Plant

Poiana Negrii Plant

The plant in Poiana Negrii plant, Suceava County, is where our mineral waters - Dorna, Dorna Izvorul Alb and Poiana Negri - are bottled. The plant has been part of an extensive investment program, since 2002, when the Coca‑Cola System in Romania acquired the production capacities and the springs in the Dorna region.

The natural mineral water sources are located in an ecosystem well protected from industrial pollution or agricultural chemical run off. The sources are located in the heart of the Oriental Carpathians, in the middle of the Dorna plateau, about 10 kilometers from Vatra Dornei. The waters are bottled with great care to preserve the natural characteristics of the water, from the source until consumption. 180 employees make this happen, by using the most modern bottling technologies in maximum hygiene conditions, at the highest quality and safety standards. The plant has 4 production lines.

In 2017, the largest „logistic drive-in” in Romania has been inaugurated in our plant in Poiana Negrii. With a 1 million euro investment, the capacity of the Poiana Negrii warehouse has been increased from 8,800 pallets to 21,000 (11 days’ production), in order to support the increasing volumes of product sold during the summer. The technical solution chosen to implement the warehouse extension involves placing the pallets with the forklift directly at the storage site.


poiana-negrii-plant-ok poiana-negrii-plant-ok

Bottling line in Poiana Negrii plant