Our suppliers

Our suppliers

In the last years, our supply chain extended to 1,733 suppliers. Currently, 1,560 of them, which equals to more than 90% of our suppliers, are local. We aim to support national capital and national economy by sourcing locally, as much as we can.

Our principles for procurement aim to maximize the effectiveness of sourcing and procurement practices. We have developed a Supplier Pre-Assessment questionnaire to assess the capabilities and level of potential and current suppliers in the matters that are critical to us. 
The way we handle and develop the supply chain has a significant impact on our sustainability performance. Although we do not intend to interfere with our suppliers' businesses, we have a responsibility to ensure that the way they operate reflects our standards. We work with suppliers to estimate the water footprint of raw materials, to reduce carbon embedded in packaging materials and advise them to minimize their carbon footprints.
Currently, all of our contracts include our Supplier Guiding Principles and 90% of our suppliers have complied with them.


of our supplier budget is spent locally


of our suppliers are local