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Andrei Cornea Andrei Cornea


ON DUTY: I coordinate the Talent Acquisition & Identification team in the process of finding people who are passionate about performance and continous development, who will grow together with Coca-Cola HBC. We are a team passionate about meeting new people who will carry the succes of our company further. 

 OFF DUTY: I like nature, every time i have the opporunity i take my backpack and go to the mountains. I take every opportunity to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Andreea Andreea

Andreeea Lazar

ON DUTY: I’m taking my first steps in my career, guided by my colleagues who are more experienced. In the past, I identified curious and smart young people for the Internship and Apprenticeship programs, and now I’m focusing on recruitment projects for the Commercial team.

OFF DUTY: I’m fond of people, especially of understanding them, and because of that I watch psychological movies and shows since I was little..

Karina Karina


ON DUTY: I want to use the “I love my job” cliché, as it is a reality in my case. Having interviews, getting to know  people and their capabilities gives me an unique feeling. I’m currently recruiting for Commercial department and I can certainly say that I do recruitment and job counseling both in my free time and at work.

OFF DUTY: I am a person who appreciates quality moments with friends and family. I like to be surrounded by many people and have a socially active life. I’m a big fan of festivals and you will surely meet me at one. The walks I take with my dog are also taking a big part of my time.

Nicoleta Nicoleta

Nicoleta Cringus

ON DUTY: I’m at the beginning of my career, guided by my colleagues with more experience in recruitment. In the past, I supported the team with the recruitment of production operators, business developers, entry-level jobs, such as the ones from the Internship program. Currently I focus on recruitment for Commercial and Supply Chain.

OFF DUTY: I am fond of people and I enjoy seeing the human nature in certain moments. A little bit of stress, a little bit of hope, a little bit of uncertainty, a little bit of concentration. I think only during interviews and when they are getting married, people have these feelings. There is a saying: your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.