Sustainability approach

We’ve worked consistently to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability across every aspect of our business.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are fundamental to the way we do business: they guide all of our decisions and long-term investments. We are firmly committed to growing stronger together with the communities where we operate, to reducing our environmental footprint and to contributing to the local economy.

Our business strategy is built on the principle of creating and sharing value with all of our stakeholders: consumers, customers, communities, employees and shareholders. This defines how we run our business, carry out our activities and develop our relationships.

We work with our stakeholders to identify the material issues to our business. Our sustainability commitments come from linking our material issues to our strategic priorities.


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Our focus areas

As environmental and social challenges grow in number and urgency, we must focus our actions. Three strategic priorities guide our efforts to conduct our business sustainably:

  • Environment and Water Stewardship
  • Community and Youth Empowerment
  • Health and Wellness

For each of them, we set targets and constantly track performance. Our sustainability priorities directly support our business imperatives. For example,  our efforts for cost efficiency are supported by environmental programs to reduce our use of energy, water and packaging. Our sustainability goals and initiatives unleash our capacity to innovate.

Water stewardship_Silviu Matei Water stewardship_Silviu Matei

1. Environment and water stewardship

We minimise our environmental impact in the whole value chain through implementing, where appropriate, specific targets to:

  • Reduce our water, energy usage and produced waste
  • Drastically decrease our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Improve packaging, increase recovery and recycling, decrease waste to landfill
  • Source sustainably

Find out more about our approach on the environment.

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2. Community and youth empowerment

We’re giving back to our communities by:

  • Creating a positive socio-economic impact where we do business
  • Supporting community water and environment stewardship programs
  • Implementing trainee programs and partnering with educational institutions to address youth employment
  • Partnering with organizations to provide emergency relief

Find out more about how we work with communities.

Environment (2) Environment (2)

3. Health and wellness

We promote health & wellness through:

  • Using evidence-based science
  • Innovating
  • Offering choice
  • Informing with transparency
  • Marketing responsibly

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