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More than 70,000 shops, hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount chains and other businesses sell our beverages. Our primary goal is to be their preferred partner. We work collaboratively with them, helping them grow their businesses. We develop, for our customers, personalized solutions that best fit their business needs. 

We dedicate special attention to supporting smaller independent retailers. We have developed a training program to helps owners and operators of grocery stores and small supermarkets gain insights into shopper behavior and the beverage industry.

Quality is fundamental not only in what our portfolio is concerned, but also in the work of our people. We build strong and long-term partnerships with our customers, delivering high quality service to help them grow their business, offering customized solutions. Our sales team, composed of approximately 700 people, carries out consistent efforts to deliver the best services to our customers. They are skilled, motivated and experienced professionals who help develop our business. We make sure that our team always performs at its best, by constantly investing in our people and in their commercial capabilities. 


We are proud of our operational excellence, grounded on innovative and efficient execution in the market. To ensure shopper relevance and excellence in the marketplace, we focus on five core principles.

  • Availability - Placing our products within easy reach, in the right package, in the right location, at the right time
  • Affordability - Offering a wide variety of desirable, premium quality products, in packages appropriate for the occasion, at the right price
  • Acceptability - Supplying an extensive and growing range of products that meet the highest quality standards. Our experience in quality control, customer service and efficient distribution, combined with a detailed understanding of market needs and access to the most effective communications channels, allows us to reach out to customers and consumers and meet their demands
  • Activation - Motivating shoppers to choose our products by improving product availability and attractiveness at the point of purchase and by building brand strength in our local markets
  • Attitude - Our sales representatives and people focus every day on meeting customer needs, doing their best so that we are reach our goal of being their supplier of choice. For key retail customers, we’ve also introduced the idea of joint value creation, built on the understanding that soft drinks offer significant growth not only for us, but for them too

Smart Water Smart Water

We’ve established clear category and brand priorities, offering the right product, in the right pack, at the right price to suit the occasion: we call this our OBPPC (Occasion, Brand, Package, Price and Channel) strategy.

Having an offering to suit every shopper’s need and being innovative around the occasions our shoppers enjoy our brands is a great part of what drives our success on the market.

We develop strong customer relationships by focusing on excellent execution of marketing promotions and merchandising at the point of sale. To make sure we execute our marketing promotions and point-of-sale merchandising to the highest standards, we carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys and develop innovative materials for retail sales activation.

To better understand unique shoppers and purchase occasions in different trade channels, we conduct market analyses. We then use this information to develop our soft drinks categories at every point of sale.

We've developed programs for training our wholesale customers in terms of good warehouse practices and appropriate storage conditions.

Finally, we also work closely with The Coca‑Cola Company to develop annual sales, promotions and marketing plans for each of our established, developing and emerging countries.

high speed can line in Timisoara Plant high speed can line in Timisoara Plant

We measure our ability to meet and exceed customer needs by tracking customer opinions through various surveys. In a study we carried out in 2015, our customers named us as most competent supplier, providing the right capabilities and joint value creation, proper execution and a satisfying commercial policy.

We were also recognized as Best Supplier in the FMCG industry by Piata Magazine for several years in a row, a true performance on a competitive market.

We are committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality and make efforts to further strengthen the trust they invest us with, by setting strict quality control processes at every stage of production. The sourcing of ingredients and packaging is only from approved suppliers. The ingredients and finished products are tested on-site in control laboratories and by external certified ones to ensure high quality.