A new ‘After Us’ project: Coca‑Cola HBC Romania announces the beginning of ecotourism rehabilitation works in the Bigar Waterfall area. The initiative belongs to the employees of CCHBC in Timisoara, who wanted to ensure an easier and safer access to the waterfall

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, the largest non-alcoholic beverages company on the local market, with the support of the ViitorPlus Association and of the ‘Cheile Nerei-Beusnita’ National Park Administration, will launch a major project, whose key objectives include exploring the local tourism potential and preserving the natural landscape in the Bigar Waterfall area.

This project was driven by a group of employees at Coca‑Cola HBC Romania in Timisoara, who approached the company with a proposal for funding. The idea to develop the Bigar Waterfall area - renowned for its beauty - fits perfectly within the recently inaugurated Dupa noi platform, through which Coca‑Cola HBC plans to increase awareness about the importance of our legacy and the significance of embracing a more responsible lifestyle, which we can pass onto the next generations.

Starting with July 6th 2016 and for a period of several months, the Bigar Waterfall area will undergo extensive ecotourism improvements, which provides non-destructive and sustainable solutions for the environment.

This project will include the development of a coherent and integrated tourist route, beginning with the access way into the Bigar Waterfall area and continuing with the other tourist attractions nearby.

The main rehabilitation works will focus on:

  • setting up a footpath from the parking lot and leading to the entry into the National park, along DN57b
  • setting up an access way from the Park entry to the foot of the Waterfall;
  • building a pass to the Bigar Cave, located near the Waterfall;
  • placing information signs and ecological trash bins in the area; setting up markings and rest areas.

Only natural materials, with a low environmental impact, such as gravel or wood, will be used for construction works.

The entire ecotourism project was developed by the Coca‑Cola HBC Romania team in Timisoara, stemming from Silviu Calotă, Sorin Giurescu and Viorel Picioruş’s wish to make the best of the area’s tourism potential, while preserving its natural environment. This initiative is part of a larger internal project promoted by Coca‑Cola HBC Romania entitled “I’m making the change in my community”, whose goal is to encourage team members to generate solutions able to meet the needs of their local communities. “I’m making the change in my community” is a contest between Company employees for the promotion of social responsibility programs.

The entire project is implemented via the DupaNoi.ro platform, which incorporates all the social responsibility programs supported by Coca‑Cola HBC Romania at local level and which aims at inspiring as many as possible to leave behind a better world, by conserving natural resources and promoting the values, stories and places in Romania.

For more information on DupaNoi.ro, watch the manifest video, access our website and visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

About the Bigar Waterfall

Located in the Miniș Valley in Caraș-Severin County—halfway between the towns of Anina and Bozovici, on DN 57B—the Bigar Waterfall is a true natural monument and a valuable tourist attraction in Romania. Moreover, in 2013, the international specialty press nominated the Bigar Waterfall as the world’s most beautiful and unique waterfall.

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