2009 - Beverage Innovation Awards for Coca‑Cola System in Romania

The programme “Excellence in protecting water resources” of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania won 4th place at the Beverage Innovation Awards, (BIA) 2009, in the section “The best environmental initiative ”. The global competition annually awards innovation in many categories including functional and soft drinks, ingredients, packaging, sustainable environmental activities, and marketing initiatives.

This year’s competition for the Beverage Innovation Awards involved judging a total number of 350 applications from 40 countries.

“Excellence in protecting water resources” included many projects developed in partnership with international or local NGO's with expertise in the field: UNDP, “Tasuleasa Social”, “Mai Mult Verde” and “Salvati Delta – Academia Catavencu”. All the projects had two major dimensions: an educational one and a practical one, both adapted to local community needs. 

With a wide geographical range, from Vatra Dornei to Danube Delta, the practical results of the programme were: 2.5 million Euros accessed by the Dorna Candreni community for its drainage system and water network; 32,500 trees planted in Vatra Dornei; 70 tones of waste gathered from the river banks of the Dorna, Bistrita and Siret, by more than 2100 volunteers; interdiction for industrial fishing in the Danube Delta; and adoption of the urban plan of Danube Delta. 

The educational component included leadership and communication training, environmental protection and civic responsibility, and sessions for orientation in nature, survival and first aid techniques. This programme was implemented in more than 65 high schools from nine towns.

We conceived an integrated strategy involving communities and local NGO’s, young people, as future leaders and members of the civil society, our own employees and not the least, the local and central authorities. We identified the problems of every community and worked in partnership with organizations with expertise in the field, trying to find practical solutions for every aspect. More than that, we created a framework for the education, initiation and development of future social groups in an attempt to generate long-term changes of attitudes regarding environmental protection..

Laura Sgarcitu Community Programs Specialist at Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

The BIA award represents one of the most important international recognitions that a company in the non-alcoholic beverages industry can obtain. The nomination of our project and the winning of 4th place represent a recognition of the results of the projects dedicated to environmental protection that the Coca‑Cola System is developing in Romania.

Miruna Raclaru Corporate Identity, Public Affairs and Communication Manager, Coca‑Cola Romania & Republic of Moldova

About Beverage Innovation Awards (BIA)

The Beverage Innovation Awards (BIA) recognize innovation in the beverage industry. The competition is annually organized by Beverage Innovation magazine, a publication that analyses the global business climate in the beverages sector, launches of new products and ingredients, and consumption tendencies. (http://www.foodbev.com/magazine/beverage-innovation-1).

About the Coca‑Cola System

In Romania, the Coca‑Cola System comprises Coca‑Cola Romania and Coca‑Cola HBC Romania. Coca‑Cola Romania is a subsidiary of The Coca‑Cola Company - the owner of the trademarks and concentrates for non-alcoholic beverages while Coca‑Cola HBC Romania is a member of the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group which ensures the bottling, distribution and sales of The Coca‑Cola Company products.

The projects in the “Excellence in protecting water resources” programme

“Green 003” has been developed in partnership with two NGO’s: “Tasuleasa Social” – voluntary work and informal education, and “Mai Mult Verde” – communication. The three year project (2007-2009) focused on educating teenagers in nine cities in Moldova, on leadership, communication, the role of the NGO’s in civil society, civic responsibilities, environmental protection, orientation in nature, survival and first aid, covering 65 high schools. As a practical exercise at the end of the training sessions, the young people planted 32,500 trees in Vatra Dornei and gathered 70 tones of waste along the banks of the Dorna, Bistra and Siret rivers, from Vatra Dornei to Galati. 

“Every drop counts” is a regional programme developed by the Coca‑Cola System in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. The project included training local authorities in ways to obtain European Funds to be used in water resource protection and preservation. As a result of the project 2.5 million Euros was accessed by the Dorna Candreni community for its drainage system and water network.

“Cleaning Days in Dorna Candrenilor” is a voluntary project of our employees in Dorna. For four years in a row our employees and their families have cleaned-up the Negrisoara river banks, upstream of the Dorna river, providing an example for the local community of natural resources preservation.

“We have a Delta. How do we proceed?” developed in partnership with “Salvati Delta – Academia Catavencu, is an advocacy initiative which aims to identify the best solutions for protecting the Danube Delta. As the result of training local authorities a new urban law for the Danube Delta was adopted and industrial fishing in Danube Delta was forbidden.