“Coca‑Cola spring cleaning days” in Vatra Dornei

The Coca‑Cola System in Romania has announced the results of the environmental programme “Coca‑Cola Spring Cleaning Days” in Vatra Dornei, an ecologically preserved area, where the Coca‑Cola System is present through its mineral water plants.

Started five years ago as a voluntary project with the participation of our employees in Vatra Dornei, this year, the massive involvement of local authorities, high schools and local community representatives, as well as the presence of journalists, turned it into a voluntary programme on water stewardship for the entire Vatra Dornei community.

The involvement and commitment demonstrated by all 500 volunteers greatly contributed to the results of the project this year:

  • 30 Kilometres of river banks cleaned-up, along with three villages;

  • nearly 20 tonnes of household waste and 4 tonnes of PET bottles were selectively collected from the river banks;

  • warning signs drawing attention to the need for water preservation were installed on the river banks, and the Eco-Patrol of Dorna Candrenilor

High School took the responsibility of Dorna River preservation, through special activities, all year long.
The cleaning of the river banks in Vatra Dornei was also attended and supported by local authorities: three local City Halls, Environmental

Protection Agency Suceava, Environmental Protection National Guard – Suceava Commissariat, and Regional Water Branch.

The programme has become a traditional and relevant one for the entire community in Vatra Dornei. It is a form of respecting our commitment towards the protection of the environment and the natural resources and of raising public awareness about the importance of water preservation.