Coca‑Cola HBC Romania to start La TINEri este puterea program for the young unemployed people

La TINEri este puterea educational program will be implemented in partnership with a non-governmental organization. Applications are welcome through April 5th, 2017.

Hundreds of young people will be part of the program during its first year, with the main objective to maximize their chances of joining the active workforce. The new social responsibility program will be implemented in partnership with a non-governmental organization selected through a project competition that opens today. 

The selection process is open to any NGO that meets the program’s criteria, and applications can be submitted through April 5th, 2017. The interested parties can access complete information on how to apply, the project, and the selection criteria on Coca‑Cola HBC Romania website.

23%, (about 440,000*), of young Romanians aged 18 to 25 are unemployed and are not enrolled in education or personal development training, according to Eurostat data.** As such, Romania has the fourth highest share of youth in NEET category (Not Employed, in Education or Training) among European countries. This is the context in which Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, the beverage industry leader, invites the local non-governmental organizations to become partners in the La TINEri este putereaprogram.

La TINEri este puterea is the local program of Coca‑Cola HBC Group’s #YouthEmpowered initiative, focusing on the development of life skills and business skills that could help young people have a better life by increasing their employability, and also by fostering their capacity to make better decisions for their future.

This year’s program participants will attend workshops, e-learning sessions, and join support groups. They will also have access to networking opportunities, with all these instruments to be provided by Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, the selected non-governmental partner, as well as the strategic program partners like private sector parties: suppliers and retailers. 

Thanks to this program, we will join the efforts to find solutions to an acute social problem that affects a major population segment – the youth. Unemployment and the lack of opportunities for personal and professional development make the youth in NEET category an extremely vulnerable group. 2017 is a pilot year for this initiative, at the end of which we hope to see most of our program participants welcoming a change for the better in their life.

Irina Ionescu Public Affairs & Communication Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Romania