Coca‑Cola HBC Romania won two awards in Magellan Awards

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania won two awards in Magellan Awards - a prestigious international communication competition organized by the League of American Communication Professionals.

1. Gold Award, for the Separate Collection Programme, in the Community Relations category. The Separate Collection Programme developed a platform on separate collection, with two major components amongst which were a lobbying programme aimed at outlining a legislative framework for separate collection in Romania, and an educational campaign targeting the public.

2. Silver Award, for the Romanian HR programme “Talents on Board” in the Corporate & Organizational Communication category. The employer brand spring communication campaign, applied innovative communications tactics in order to target young people to join the company’s summer internship program. The campaign was carried out on and offline, utilizing a variety of campaign tools including campus fairs and presentations, a dedicated career website, an online quiz and Facebook interaction.