Coca‑Cola HBC Romania wins 3 Gold prizes and a Bronze at the Spotlight Awards competition 2009

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania has won 3 Gold prizes and one Bronze award at the Spotlight Awards competition 2009, a print, video and web communication competition organised by the American Professional League in Communication. The Company’s internal communication projects included in the competition were winners of the Special Accomplishments section, for the categories: “The most creative”, “The best debut” and “The most motivational communication material”.

The internal communication materials of Coca‑Cola HBC Romania declared as winners are: 

• the posters of the “Eco & Safety Driving” campaign - Gold prize in the Advertisement section, and winner of the prize “The most motivational communication material”, Special Accomplishments section; 

• the Company’s booklet “Welcome to the new offices!”– Gold prize in the Brochure section and the prize of “The best debut”, in the Special Accomplishments section; 

• Zoomzet - internal newsletter of Coca‑Cola HBC Romania – Gold prize in the Newsletter section and the prize for “The most creative communication material” in the Special Accomplishments section; 

• Newspaper of High-Bay internal publication– Bronze prize in the Newsletter section.

We are very honored by the awards we obtained at the Spotlight Awards competition, as they represent international recognition of the level of our efforts in our internal communications. The prizes we won are more valuable considering that we competed with more than 1,000 applications from some prestigious companies all over the world.

Janina Trotea Internal Communication Coordinator, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

The 2009 Spotlight Awards competition attracted an unprecedented number of entries that covered a large area of industries and organisational dimensions. The winners in this year demonstrated that they could approach communications in a creative, passionate and vibrant way that contributed, in the last instance, to the understanding and appreciation of the messages’ relevance to the target public.

Christine Kennedy Manager of the Competitions organised by the Professional League in Communication.

The booklet “Welcome to the new offices” and the Zoomzet newsletter were created together with Play Studio agency. The materials for the “Eco & Safety Driving” campaign and the High-Bay newsletter were created together with the IMAGE, public relations agency. 

About Spotlight Awards 
The Spotlight Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence in print, video and web communication materials. The competition is organised by the American Professional League in Communication. 

This year the competition attracted more than 1,000 entries from all over the world. The sections of the competition have been established taking into considerations the dimensions of the participating companies, the annual rate of profit and other factors. 

The score for each entry was based on a licensed system of the jury, developed by the League. The final scores, on a scale of 100 points, are decided by summarizing the results of all the criteria of the jury. The Spotlight Awards jury comprised professionals in communication affiliated to LACP, with expertise in public relations. 

About the awarded materials and campaigns 
The “Eco & Safety Driving” campaign targeted the 650 employees of the company from the Commercial department, and was meant to educate them to drive in a safe and ecologically supportive manner. The efficiency of the campaign has been proved by the achieved results: the increased number of employees that use seatbelts, the adoption of a correct position for driving and having a less aggressive driving style. 

The internal booklet issued on the occasion of changing the headquarters from Bucharest was designed as an instrument of internal communication to minimize the problems for employees and to facilitate their adaptation in the new offices. 
The internal newsletter of Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, Zoomzet, represents not only an instrument of communication, but also a modality of organisational culture development, reflecting the employees’ performance. This is used as a communication platform inside the company as well as in relations with the external employees.