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Bucharest, September 19, 2019: The Coca‑Cola system in Romania, consisting of companies Coca‑Cola Romania and Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, launched the 4th socio-economic impact study and the first sustainability report developed at system level. The two studies, which refer to the year 2018, show the important contribution made to the economy and local communities: EUR 594 million added value, 27,300 jobs supported throughout the entire value chain and over 1 million euros invested annually in community projects. Most of the indicators in the two reports are growing significantly compared to the previous reports and are a further proof of Coca‑Cola's firm commitment to the local market, where it has been present for over 27 years.

Added value in the economy, equivalent to 950,400 average net salaries*

Through its activity, the Coca‑Cola System in Romania sets in motion a value chain that stimulates the national economy and supports the development of local communities. This includes the operations of Coca‑Cola Romania and Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, Romanian farmers providing ingredients for products, suppliers of labels, materials, technology and equipment, consulting agencies, distributors and retail customers and HoReCa.


According to the socio-economic impact study, which analyzes the data from 2018, the added value of the entire value chain of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania amounts to EUR 594 million, which represents 0.29% of Romania's GDP.

  • The added value directly from the operations of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania is EUR 74 million.
  • In 2018, Romanians bought products from the Coca‑Cola portfolio worth EUR 903 million. For every euro paid by the consumer, 66 cents returned to the local economy.


Taxes paid for the state budget represent 0.82% of all the taxes collected by the Romanian state

The taxes paid to the Romanian state are still the most significant component of the value added by the Coca‑Cola System in Romania. The entire value chain of the Coca‑Cola System contributes with EUR 253 million to the state budget through the paid taxes, which represents 0.82% of all the taxes collected by the Romanian state.

Directly, the Coca‑Cola System in Romania pays taxes in the amount of EUR 36 million.

27,300 supported jobs

The presence of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania generates and supports jobs not only within the two companies, but throughout the entire value chain. ** The number of jobs created and supported by the
Coca‑Cola System and its partners amounts to 27,300, representing 0.32% of the total number of employees in Romania. Each job at Coca‑Cola indirectly generates another 18 jobs in the rest of the local economy.

Sustainable development as business philosophy of the Coca‑Cola System

The first sustainability report made at the system level reconfirms the performance of the Coca‑Cola System in terms of sustainability, which is part of the System's strategy. Some of the results of 2018, in terms of sustainability, are:

  • 86% of the system's suppliers are local suppliers, 82% of the supply budget goes to them.
  • 4.8% reduction of the energy consumption used for each liter of beverage produced, compared to 2017.
  • 3.3% reduction in the volume of water used for each liter of beverage produced, compared to 2017.
  • 16.55% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity per liter of beverage produced, compared to 2017.
  • The use of green energy in a proportion of 93.5%, compared to 92.2% in 2017.
  • Creating a balanced and friendly working environment, with opportunities for professional and personal development of employees: the number of training hours increased by 66% compared to 2017 while Coca‑Cola HBC Romania has been named the most desired Employer in the FMCG sector, for the fifth consecutive year***
  • Focus on consumer’s needs, to offer them a diverse portfolio, variety and balance. Thus, low-calorie or non-calorie drinks account for 34% of total volumes of Coca‑Cola complete portfolio. At the same time, in 2018, the Coca‑Cola System decreased by 4.4% the average caloric content of beverages, compared to 2017.
  • Encouraging diversity - over 50% of senior management team members are women.
  • Supporting communities through relevant projects, with annual investments of over EUR 1 million:

o Dupa noi, Strângem Tot Noi - informing the public about the problem of packaging waste and the solution of selective collection, through activities and messages that have reached over 615,000 Romanians.

o LA TINEri Este Puterea - supporting 2,600 young people from the NEETs category (not employed, in education or training) with access to resources for personal and professional development.

o Future Makers - financial support and know-how for 1,600 young people with business initiatives granted by the Coca‑Cola Foundation.

o Ziua buna! Ziua voluntarilor mici - 50 tons of packaging waste collected together with 23,000 students and teachers.

o Impreuna pentru Dunare - the largest program for the reconstruction of Danube wetlands, implemented by the World Wide Fund between 2014 and 2020, supported by the Coca‑Cola Foundation.

o Grija Pentru Copii - donations worth 700,000 euros to the Save the Children Association for providing more than 60 maternities with medical equipment needed for premature babies, within the campaign run by the Dorna between 2013-2018.


The Coca‑Cola System today means much more than the iconic drink from which it gets the name. In Romania, the Coca‑Cola system means a diverse portfolio of innovative brands, it means creative communication campaigns that have become a best practice at group level. It means a responsible business developed locally with care for people and nature. It means dedication, involvement and a promise made to continue building together a sustainable future

Paris NIKOLOPOULOS Franchise Country Manager, Coca‑Cola România

For over 27 years, Coca‑Cola's presence in Romania tells a beautiful story about involvement, success and commitment, while being a solid basis for the future. We are the largest company in the beverage industry, the largest exporter of this industry, the most desirable employer in FMCG and the most sustainable company in Romania. I am proud of everything we do locally, proud of the Coca‑Cola team, to whom we owe all these beautiful things and all these impressive results. We have proven, over time, that we are here for Romanians, to leave After us a valuable legacy, a story that the next generations will gladly carry on

Jovan RADOSAVLJEVIC General Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC România

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* Reported at the average net salary level in December 2018.

** The data regarding the suppliers and partners is related to the percentage of their activity related to the collaboration with the Coca‑Cola System.

*** According to a study done by Catalyst Solutions.


About the Socio-Economic Impact Study of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania

The socio-economic impact study is carried out by the prestigious economists of the consulting company Steward Redqueen (Netherlands), based on the data from 2018, following a methodology applied in thirty other countries, created by the winner of the Nobel prize for economy, Vassily Leontief.