Green Bee eco spaceship prepares to take off again! The second season of the largest environmental education project starts today

Dorna, Mega Image and Green Revolution are launching today the second season of the largest environmental education project in Romania - Green Bee.

Green Bee project is developed for children aged 6-14 years and aims to change their attitudes towards the environment through an interactive approach to ecology.Project Green Bee is based on the learning technique “learn through play” and gives the children the opportunity to gain knowledge about ecology and to develop skills regarding the responsibility towards the environment in an attractive and interesting way, through an imaginary journey into space with the help of the Bee Green ship located in Parcul Tineretului.

This year theGreen Bee project will run from March to August and will bring a number ofsurprises, challenges and competitions, for both children and schools in the Bucharest – Ilfov area.

Project Green Bee is very attractive for theDorna brand, for which the environment protection is an important part of itsbusiness strategy. The decision to get involved in this project since last yearwas auspicious. The project has generated significant results in just a fewmonths of activity (11,000 children from Bucharestwere involved in our interactive environmental education programs). We further intend,through this project, along with our partners at Mega Image and Green Revolution Association, to help change attitudes towards the environment,encouraging children to behave responsibly since the first years of their life.

Andreea Dragan Marketing Activation Manager Dorna & Poiana Negri, Coca‑Cola Romania

We are delighted to be partners of the project Green Bee in 2013, as environmental and educational programs on thistopic are an important part of the sustainability strategy adopted by the Mega Image Company. Project Green Bee brings us closer to our customers and their children and we hope to get as many cadets as possible into the spaceship this year. 

Raluca Alexandrescu Mega Image Marketing Manager

Educating children in being responsible towards the environment is an important component of sustainable development.Last year over 11,000 children have participated in the Green Bee and learned how important it is to protect our environment. This result encourages us to continue and develop the journey started last year, involving a large number of teachers and educational institutions in Bucharestand surroundings. 

Raluca Fiser Green Revolution Association President

Eco School Green Bee

In 2013 GreenBee project will address both children and educational institutions where they are studying, through a competition after which an "Eco School GreenBee" will be designated.

The competition takes into account three tests:

  • Administrative measures taken by the educational institution to protect the environment
  • Educational programs conducted in schools and participation of students in creative workshops organized within the Green Bee project
  • Participationin ecologic volunteer programs and eco competitions.

For the last testwill be taken into account both the student participation in the space travel on the ship Green Bee, and their involvement in contests: "The scale modelof Green Bee ship" "Hero for a Day" and "Eco Astronaut Costume."

The ceremony awards for participating schools and students will take place at the first ecofestival dedicated to children - Eco Heroes Festival, in June this year. Fulllist of awards and competition rules can be found on the official website and the project’s Facebook page.

Green Bee spaceship

With the start of the competition "Green Eco School Bee", the spaceship from Parcul Tineretului will also be ready for takeoff. Its crew, Captain Raxo and mate Noni, awaits the small explorers every day between 10:00 - 18:00.