The eco spaceship Green Bee starts its mission!

Coca‑Cola HBC România, Mega Image and Green Revolution launched today one of the most complex Romanian projects of ecological education, Green Bee. The project is designed for children between 6-14 years and its objective is to change the attitude towards the environment by encouraging eco gestures starting with childhood. The project will be deployed in June - October 2012, in Tineretului Park, Rozariu Area.

Green Bee is the first partnership in Romania in the field of corporate social responsibility between a retailer and a FMCG company and it is part of both company’s strategy in this direction.

Green Bee project aims to teach children the importance of protecting the environment by means of a SF adventure. Children, under the guidance of the spaceships’ crew, Captain Raxo Williams and the second in command Noni, will head out to an imaginary journey where they will learn essential information on atmosphere, air, pollution, water and its importance, food, energy, waste and many others. The project is based on the technique of learning by playing and it offers children the possibility to learn about ecology in an attractive and interesting manner.

Protecting the environment and education programs in this area are an important part of the sustainable development strategy adopted by Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group in 2007. Green Bee project is a program of ecological education that tries to consolidate a responsible behavior towards the environment in future generations. This project is marking a momentum, which is taking the relationship we have with our business partners to the next level. As environmental and social challenges grow in number and urgency, we believe that the private sector has a particularly important role to play, as it needs to offer continuous innovation, investment and business expertise to help tackle these challenges. Green Bee project proved to be the common meeting point with our partners from Mega Image in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Stephane Batoux General Manager Coca‑Cola HBC Romania&Moldova

Economic growth, efficiency and sustainability are the three pillars of our strategy, strategy that supports the economic performance of the company and it helps us build a long lasting business. We are aware of our responsibility on the market and this is one of the reasons that, in the past three years, we launched many projects on sustainability. This is why we are glad to be a part of Green Bee, a project that coincides with our social responsibility strategy, with the educational projects we have in this fields and which brings us closer to our clients and their children

Xavier Piesvaux General Manager Mega Image

We are glad that this project came to life and that we managed to have Coca‑Cola HBC Romania and Mega Image as partners. Green Bee is a complex project that started from the idea that the education of today’s children is an investment in their attitude as adults and from the fact that children learn best through stories and amazing experiences. During the project Green Bee we want for children to understand how important it is to protect the environment and how important it is to learn how to do this by themselves or together with their parents.

Raluca Fiser President of Green Revolution Association

Conditions of participation

The ship will await the young astronauts every day in Tineretului Park, Rozariu area, during 22nd of June – 22nd of October, between 9:00 – 19:00. To enjoy the Green Bee adventure, parents may sign up and schedule their children starting with the 22nd of June on The children will be divided according to age groups: 6-8 years (Monday and Tuesday), 9-11 years (Wednesday and Thursday), 12-14 years (Friday and Saturday) and on Sunday the spaceship will welcome the children walking in the park.

After signing up, the children are expected at Green Bee spaceship where for 45 minutes they will be take part at the SF adventure. At the end of the journey they will have various terrestrial missions to accomplish in order to prove that can put into action what they learned. The participants that finished all the steps of the project will enter in the competition of winning a camp. 50 children who will win the toss will spend 6 days in the eco camp Tăşuleasa Social.