Coca‑Cola HBC Romania is looking to recruit seven young graduates for open positions in Management Trainee Program. Over 70% of the participants are joining Coca Cola HBC Romania team

Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, the leading company on the non-alcoholic beverages market in Romania and the most wanted employer in the local FMCG market , announces the launch of a new edition of the „Destination: Management” program. In the 5th edition, Coca Cola HBC Romania aims to recruit 7 young graduates with the potential to become the next generation of managers for the company. These 7 positions will be available in 4 departments of the company: Sales, Marketing, HR and Procurment. Applications can be sent until April 9th on

„Destination: Management”, Coca Cola HBC Romania’s Management Trainee Program, is dedicated to graduates students that will lead managerial position in the company.  Over the two years of the program, the participants will gain plenty of experience, being prepared and trained by the professionals in the specific field, working together in real and complex business projects.

At Coca‑Cola HBC, the team is the most valuable asset we have, that is why talented candidates represent one of our priorities. Keeping them in the company and attracting new candidates with potential are ongoing projects for us. We take pride in the fact that„Destination: Management” is a succesful program – over 10,000 candidates applied in the last four editions, when we had 34 finalists. This proves the great interest people have in us, as an employer. It’s very important to highlight that over 70% of the participants in the program are integrated within our team at the end of the 2 years.

Corina Licea Human Resources Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Romania

The 2016 edition of this program, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania is looking for young graduates or graduates whose university education ended two years ago in a field directly connected with the Coca‑Cola HBC department available in Destination Management Program as HR/ Martketing/ Economic or other related fields. The involvement of candidates in extre-currricula activities and professinal experiences are other key elements in the selection process. The final candidates will go through three stages, each one being meant to accelerate development and fast learning. Candidates will be challenged to reconfirm their talent and potential.

  • First Level - Knowing the company, specific activities and procedures of the department chosen.
  • Second Level – Management of their own projects and interaction with other departments of the company to develop an overall picture.
  • Third Level - Managing a complex project of the department/ a cross-functional project or managing a small team.

More information about careers within Coca‑Cola HBC Romania and details about „Destination: Management” can be found online: and Talente Nedescoperite.