On August 16th, 2016, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania hosted the first visit of H.E. U.S. Ambassador to Romania, Hans KLEMM at its plant in Ploiesti

Our roots here and commitment to Romania are extremely strong, although being an international company. Throughout the years CCHBC Romania achieved remarkable results in sustainability area – we think of ourselves as a business of tomorrow. Only together with all our employees, partners and suppliers, members of the communities and consumers can we improve our work from year to year. We are honored to receive the visit of H.E. KLEMM and proud to present our state-of-the art bottling plant.

Jaak Mikkel General Manager Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

The Coca‑Cola System first invested in Romania in 1991, with the first bottle of Coca‑Cola ever bottled locally. Since then, the company’s portfolio has been continuously expanding with new brands and flavors, positioning Coca‑Cola HBC as the largest beverage producer in the local market and also as a significant contributor to the local economy and community programs.

Throughout its three plants in Ploiesti, Timisoara and Poiana Negrii, alongside the offices, sales and distribution centers, CCHBC Romania employs 1.600 and relates to 16.500 jobs throughout the Romanian economy as every direct job at Coca‑Cola creates 9 indirect jobs in the broader economy*.

The factory in Ploiesti is one of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group’s most important plant that inaugurated the first aseptic production line in the country - with investments of over 22 million Euro thus exporting Cappy Pulpy to ten other European countries. Another progressive feature of the facility in Ploiesti is the intelligent, fully automated, mega High-Bay warehouse which was the first of its kind in Romania and was launched in 2009.

In October 2009, Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group and Contour Global inaugurated an advanced cogeneration power plant, as part of an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions annually by more than 20% across all of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group’s operations.  Powered by natural gas, the CHP plant supplies efficient electric energy, hot / cold water, and heat to our bottling facility.

At the beginning of 2016, Coca‑Cola HBC was named the most responsible company in Romania, with a score of 87.14% in Romania ranking CSR Index 2015, a survey conducted by The Azores agency**.

Coca‑Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in Romania, as well as one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Always keeping up with the new trends, the brand ranked first in terms of addressing Romanian teens in a relevant and innovative way: first in Romania to have ever tried Snapchat, Periscope or Facebook Canvas Ads.

‘We were proud to outline today our latest technologies and developments that make us the undisputed beverage leader on the Romanian market. Our investments in innovation grow annually and remain one of our priorities in terms of building our brands stronger and focusing on relevant and creative marketing campaigns for our consumers. Brand love remains at the heart of our initiatives – we are Romania’s number one social brand in 2016*** - one of the accomplishments we are most happy about’, said Petre Sandru, Country Manager The Coca‑Cola Company Romania

This year, Coca‑Cola launched the global ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign and announced its worldwide ‘One Brand Strategy’, marking a strategic shift for the company and re-uniting the Coca‑Cola family under the world’s number one beverage brand.

* Data based on the Socio-Economic Impact of the Coca‑Cola System in Romania Study, conducted by Steward Redqueen, fiscal year 2013

** The study is a premier for Romania, having been conducted by an independent consultancy agency (The Azores), which analyses the top 100 companies in Romania. You can access the study here.

*** According to Top Social Brands 2016, powered by BIZ

The United States and Romania are deep and abiding allies, partners, and friends.  Our economic partnership is of key importance to the United States.  Coca‑Cola is one example of  U.S. investment in Romania that supports commercial prosperity between our two countries.  Romania’s potential is great and the United States will continue to support economic growth in Romania.

H.E. Hans G. Klemm U.S. Ambassador to Romania