What is impressive at the Youth Empowered program are the stories of young people, a genuine source of inspiration for us. Some of them have discovered their passion, others found out that they are good at something and wanted to grow in that direction. Some have taken their high school exams and are now students, others have found jobs, and others simply discovered themselves. Everyone has found out that they can do it, no matter how hard or far away the outcome may look like, and this makes the program a success - you can instill a young man's determination to succeed.

Irina Ionescu Public Affairs & Communication Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania

We have been working with these young people for a year now and we are impressed by their strength. They are, after all, children with life experiences far beyond their age. The power is within them, we only show them that, we make them aware of their potential and help them develop skills that some of them did not even think they had. Youth Empowered is a program that we do with passion and which we believe makes a real difference in the lives of young people.

Ionuț Pascu President, The Social Incubator Association

Beyond the skills acquired, young people from Bucharest-Ilfov, Prahova and Vaslui, who participated in the 2017 pilot phase, were motivated to continue their education, to understand their professional potential and how to get a job.


The program helped me a lot, I was motivated afterwards to take not only the exams, but also to attend university classes. If I could do it that means everybody can do it. You can, you just have to give yourself a little strain, you have to devote yourself a little and you will see that everything will be fine.

Dragoș Pleșuvu 19 years old Huși, participant in 2017

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Young people need to know themselves first in order to know what the employer needs from them and what they can offer to the employer. The Youth Empowered program fit like a glove because it has helped us socially, professionally and personally, helped us to get to know ourselves, our intentions, what we want from life and from ourselves.

Mihai Daniel Beucă 20 years old, Câmpina, participant in 2017

On July 10, Coca‑Cola HBC Romania and The Social Incubator Association organized a meeting with local and central public authorities, teachers, trainers and young people from the program to discuss how to support the beneficiaries. In 2018, over 3,000 young people from 13 counties will be part of the program, both in workshops and on the e-learning platform. The conclusions of this meeting will be integrated into this year plans. For the Youth Empowered program, the partnership with public authorities is very important and underpins the success of all the people involved.