Over 8.000 participants attended the first edition of the „Ziua Bună! Ziua Voluntarilor Mici” project

Over 8.000 participants from 74 schools in 5 counties of Romania engaged Saturday, April 2nd, in activities as afforestation, plantation, greening and other social and cultural projects – as a part of the first edition of „Ziua Bună! Ziua Voluntarilor Mici” volunteer project, organized by Tășuleasa Social Association, Die Johanniter and National Inspectorate Bistriţa-Nasaud. The event was implemented with the support of Coca‑Cola HBC Romania, as a part of DupaNoi.ro platform.

Students, parents and teachers participating in the event planted fruit trees and ornamental trees in 25 locations and the result was 20.000 seedlings and 1.000 ornamental plants on an overall surface of about 5 hectares of land. At the same time, they were working on greening and arranging school yards and neighboring parks, cleaning a total number of 63 locations. Simultaneously, the volunteers who took part in this project contributed to 5 cultural projects (shows, theatrical plays, stories contest) and 13 social projects (helping old people and those with disabilities).

Ziua Bună! Ziua Voluntarilor mici is an unique project, started in the community for the community. Children indentified the needs of their communities and they were helped in the implementation phase by Tasuleasa’s volunteers. We are glad to see a mature mentality in the local communities in which we were involved. This project, developed together with our partners from Tasuleasca Social, is continuing the education about volunteering and the responsible involvement in community, topics which we started to develop 10 years ago.

Irina Ionescu Public Affairs & Communication Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Romania

Ziua Buna! Ziua Voluntarilor Mici was a project with many years of preparation. It is the project that Tasuleasa’s volunteers have designed and coordinated, which took place in 63 locations. Tasuleasa’s volunteers used everything they had learned in informal projects which the association has implemented. Without a partner such as Coca‑Cola HBC, which is with us for 9 years, we would not have had the organizational maturity necessary to implement it. Ziua Buna was really good and I think it will take a long time to finish!

Alin Uhlmann Useriu President of Tasuleasa Social.

Participants in this year’s edition of the „Ziua Bună! Ziua Voluntarilor Mici” projects came mostly from  Bistrita-Nasaud (58 schools) and Suceava (10 schools), Mures (4 schools) Maramures, Neamt (one school each). Students and teachers coordinated by 90 volunteers of Tasuleasa Social designed volunteer projects which they implemented in the community to which they belong. They taught “the lesson of volunteering” by personal example and they contributed to motivating and educating rural communities to organize environmental actions by themselves. All the projects were subject to a jury made by specialized people and, at the end of the day, 3 students were awarded with a one-day visit to Ecological Forest from Tasuleasa campus.

The special guest of this year was the winner of 6633 Ultra Arctic marathon, Tiberiu Useriu, who also took part in some of the proposed projects, encouraging students to develop personal motivation and to become an example for others.

„Ziua Bună! –Ziua Voluntarilor Mici” was an unique experience for students. Young people socialized and worked in teams, but, also, they had fun, which was an extra motivation to take part in other similar activities in the future. The goal of this project was to help little volunteers to realize the role and the civic responsibility they have in their community, contributing to a better understanding of how each of us can change things for the better.